Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday Nite Spy Report - 7th May

As the riders congregated at the rear of M1 cycles on Thursday night, the conversation focused on QANTAS luggage allowance, white Bontrager saddles, Skins adverts, cycle lights and tattoos. Yes, you’ve guessed it; Thunder has returned from the Tour of the Tablelands and was back on the Thursday group ride.

One rider immediately noticed that Thunder had replaced his AyUps with a Topeak front light and when this was highlighted, Thunder let fly about the inferior AyUps and gushed about the superior Topeak. The jury is still out on whether the Topeaks are indeed superior and bets are currently being taken as to who will be the first to play follow the leader and part with their hard earned cash for an alternative system.

Up to ten riders participated in the ride although not all at once as some elected to part ways after one lap and others joined the group throughout the circuit. Noel was one rider who joined half way after chasing down the group during the first lap.

Welcome also to (Dr) Adam Bush and Alex who joined the group midway at the Marina.

The pace was at times comfortable but other times firm and as the group entered Spinnaker Park for the second and final time it was Fabio and Brad who contested the kick. Unfortunately without a very powerful set of binoculars, this spy reporter was unable to get close enough to the action and be able to identify the eventual winner.