Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tour De Tablelands - Stages One & Two

Tonite the Atherton Tableland is having dinner listening to the sound of THUNDER. Matty Thunder Jenkin that is.

Stage One - 54k road race saw a messy bunch finish for Matty's B grade field. Despite missing the early jump in the kick, Thunder pulled off a third, line scabbing a few wheels at the end. In A grade, IJ did a fair bit of work at the front and came in with the bunch.

Stage Two - Time trial. Hmmm. You guessed it. No good results for Thunder - just happy to roll in. IJ on the other hand, set a blistering pace and could possibly have made up some time in the A grade field.

Sleep well tonite boys - there's some big days in the saddle to come.