Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Ride - 19th May

The only thing I can think of at the moment is how body tired I am after this morning's ride. The legs are sore and the body wants a sleep - but its good to be able to hurt yourself as we did on the bunch ride this morning.

A welcome back to the pack for Whiffo's new red love - just put some oil on that chain Whiff before the weekend.

Although the average speed of the paceline was off a little on previous weeks, the kick in the end saw the lead bunch spike to above 53k/hr but the bunch pretty much held together until Stickmakers. Grazza was feeling under the weather during the ride and took the short cuts home - hope you're feeling better Grazza.

I didn't see you in the big ring on Haddock Lord Garmin - I think you must have lent it to your wife this morning. Cockatoo was one for the girls - the boys were left to chase through the hills. What was that you were mumbling Woody?

A good hard hit out for all who turned up.