Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday Nite Ride - 13th May

Before the ride even started, the antics were on. Lord Garmin had issues getting dressed - he couldn't decide on what jersey would best match his new Skin knicks. Dear me. Everyone's legs were feeling great knowing that Zulu was still struck down with the Flulu and wouldn't be riding.

The pace was firm on the trip out to our local climb. Cassons rep Matty Wood was along for the ride and of course smoked everyone up the climb. Have-A-Chat Bec on the other hand was nearly having convulsions at the top - we could hear you trying to breathe before we could even see you Bec!!

Jaime Henkinson came across to the dark side for his first Wednesday nite smash. I think he enjoyed the pain of his first lap, but didn't see him after to find out??? Chris A is now aware of the short cut circuits so life will be a little easier next week!!! As if.

BSB has now been everywhere - including secret solo training on Haddock.