Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wednesday Nite Ride - 20th May

As the rather large bunch rolled out from the back of the shop, I don't think anyone was aware of how much of a smashfest the ride would turn into.

Lap One - This one belonged to the girls - BB1 & BB2. Although not claiming victory in the hill climbing department along Haddock an attack from hell was launched along Cockatoo by BB2 with BB1 in hot pursuit. Only Zulu was able to catch BB1 & BB2 before the decent. Phew.... glad lap one is over.

Lap Two - The bunch was now missing a few. Lord Garmin was sent home to cook dinner for BB2 and the Tugmaster was passed going in the wrong direction. Anyone who thought the pace and attacks would back off on the second lap were WRONG. There was a lot of heavy breathing going on.

Lap Three - Where did everyone go???? Only four riders made 3 laps. Zulu, Thunder & BB1 stuck together whilst BB2 snuck down Kirkwood for a solo lap of the climb. All survived.