Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday Nite Ride - Spy Report

Spycat had kids to take to a disco so she started at 4 to tackle the Haddock Hell Circuit. On the last lap she bumped in to Have a chat on Kirkwood, have a chat was trying to avoid Haddock Hell, she was however dragged kicking and screaming over the Berg by spycat. Well done girls, (Kittstar would be proud).

5 riders left M1 on the "official" Haddock Hell Ride. Zulu, LG, Eric, Chris the engineer, and the New Guy. After lap 1 the new guy decided to go to bed as collapse was an apparent and likely option. Zulu had a technology issue and decided lights might be important, so he pulled out, Chris, Eric and LG climbed again, Lap 3 was rather lonely for LG with no friends, just the trusty groans of Old Yella pulling his behind up Haddock. That ride never gets easier.

Next week heralds the return of The King and Kittstar. We missed you guys!!!