Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday - 6 turned up at the town circuit loop at 5:30am. The compliment was complete when our bunch picked up Greyhound and Woody along the way. Chris A was in wheel clipping mode in the paceline - sorry mate, it was a scarey sight!!

All but two turned right into the freezer for a trip up Haddock drive. Special K was in the mood for ekky k's and kept going solo. On our second lap, Thunder and I rolled past the Big Block Bunch. You guys looked colder than I felt!!! Especially Sumo - have you heard of arm warmers Sumo????

Sunday - Zulu must be missing the heat of his Savanah origin and has come down with "flu like symptons". I'm sure you know a good witch doctor that will see you back on the bike soon Zulu.

Grazza was spotted in the afternoon - and he was a man on a mission!!! No time to stop to say hello, the pedals were pumping.

A great weekend for k's.