Monday, June 29, 2009

Racing Wrap Up - 27th June

It was a mixed bag of lollies for the bunch of M1 riders who headed up to Glendale for the Kremese in the worst blustry conditions of the season.

In A grade - Apparently, Thunder could be heard yapping the entire race - from start to finish. In the end Thunder pulled off a third in the kick and Zulu - having worked like a trogun throughout the race, once again - come home in 6th place. And yes Zulu, there is such a thing as 6th place.

In B grade - In the tough conditions, the B grade bunch was busted apart but none other than LG and two other riders. The break stayed away to claim the first three places of the race, with LG coming home for third. Ekka found the wind too tough, but I think he still enjoyed the hit out.

In C grade - Yah for me. I finished with the remains of our bunch in 6th place. See Zulu, there is such a thing as 6th.

In D grade - On Thursday, Bloomers rode to the base of the Biloela range and back - his first ever 100k+ ride. Well done. No surprise, this took a toll on Bloomers during the kremese and it was a tough day in the office.