Monday, June 29, 2009

Rider Profile - Kevin Warham

1. What bike do you ride?
Trek 1500 - awesome bike.
Felt TK2 track bike - even better than the trek.
2. What would be your dream bike?
Any bike that runs quiet, and has a “comfy” saddle on it.
3. What's your day job?
Automation engineer at Boyne smelters.
4. What's your favourite ride?
I have two awesome rides; first one is one I used to do every day when I visited Broome in WA. Start off at cable beach resort and ride about 16 km up the beach to the creek, the sand was as hard as bitumen (used by lots of cars). Then from the creek back a bit and then cut through to the “eco” resorts and come back, bitumen all the way. – three hours from start to finish, three and a half if a swim was taken at the creek.
5. Most memorable biking experience?
First time I went under the hour for a 40km time trial sticks in my mind – I came so close so many times and then all of a sudden – BANG a sub hour ride, I can still remember smiling all week after that.
How things change now I am happy now if when the bell goes for last lap in a track race I haven’t been dropped!!!!!

6. Least memorable biking experience?
Anytime I have crashed (and there have been lots) my cycling club in the UK was called VC Halton, we were known locally as Kamikaze Halton, due to the amount of times our club members were involved in or caused crashes.
7. Bike rider you admire the most?
The flying Scotsman Graeme Obree - the epitome of what you can do on 4 hours of training per week - world pursuit champion and world hour record holder. He took the hour record from Moser an absolute legend and then went on to break it again, nearly 53 km (try doing that for 2 minutes let alone 1 hour!!!
Blogmistress: Kev is 2nd rider from the right.