Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Ride - 20th June

In the midst of winter, I got a glimmer of hope this morning that summer will soon be back with us. According to Whiffo at Maccas, Monday is the shortest day of the year. You guessed it, that means we'll soon be back smashing around the block, sweltering in sleveless jerseys. Come on Monday.

With it not being as cold as last weekend, the numbers were up, despite the Canelands tour being on today and tomorrow. The bunch picked up Big Red Riding Hood before Hanson road, and the pack was complete. Fabbio has forgotten bunch ettieque in his time off the bike and had a close call swinging across to the off side.

Woody pulled a flat before Haddock drive. Must have been that horrid pumping action Woody. Bloomers, LG and SpyCat were already at Maccas when the bunch arrived. Somehow Bloomers completely forgot to bring a bike.