Saturday, June 13, 2009

The TC Ride - Saturday

The one thing I dislike about winter riding is having to set my alarm 10mins earlier before a morning ride. Why 10 minutes? Well, 5 minutes to convince myself that I will EVENTUALLY get walm if I hope on the bike - yeah right - and 5 minutes to actually get dressed in all the additional layers of clothing. Roll on summer.

Only a few brave or TC riders turned up at the start. Carter was making the bunch cold with his lack of leg walmers. Bob the Builder has upgraded his saftey vest to an electronic version - I must admit, I was impressed.

Red Rover was full of mechanicals and the official temperature reading in the Haddock Hollow was 3 degrees - not that I would know. Along Kirkwood, Grazza saved Thunder and Woody from a chewing out from a Kiwi Trucker who hard big arms - and no, Í'm not refering to the bloke beside her.

BSB was the only other rider spotted out this am. Where or where were the Blockers????