Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Ride - 16th June

Boy oh boy. The temperature increases just a couple of degrees and the riders come out of the woodwork like ants.

It was a fantastic paceline this morning. The entire bunch staying together until the turn point at Stickmakers roundabout. Bob's saftey vest wasn't really effective at the Port roundabout on the way back... how the motorcyclist missed 16 lights is beyond me. I'm just glad he did his fish tail dance and pulled up before he plowed into us.

Just about the entire bunch headed for Haddock after surviving some very ordinary truck passes along Red Rover. As usual, Haddock was a land of hurt with IJ scooting off in the distance up the hill.

To finish off the ride, new rider in the pack Mark "Crash" Lewis came down heavily on the chase out of Cockatoo Drive. Lucky not to be cleaned up by the following ute, we think he's come out ok. Must have something to do with Big Lew being in the pack this morning.... funny how all our big crashes happen when Big Lew's around??!! Don't ride near me.