Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday Ride - 9th June

I think it is fair to say that winter has arrived. Well, I would say that - but given that Tugmaster turned up for the Tuesday smash with just a skimpy pair of arm warmers, I may be wrong. I won't mention that I had three layers of clothing including a layer of thermals! Joan had the right idea with a very warm looking scarf!

The numbers dropped as did the temperature. Greyhound made a return to the pack after his fall and we picked up Woody - I'm assuming it was Woody, but hard to tell with the head gear he was wearing - before the paceline started. Must have been the cold - did I mention that already???

Only 5 of us ventured into the freezer - it was even colder out there - for the Haddock hill. At least it was warmer on the other side and I for one was greatful to get into the sun. Boy I love winter.