Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What A Weekend

What a weekend of cycling activity for riders from M1 land. We've already covered the results from the Mt Perry MTB race but in addition to this, riders raced in Rocky and the Tweed Coast.

Bloomers won the D grade event at Glendale in Rocky. Have A Chat also placed well with a 5th place in the sprint. In B grade Fabbio was up in the placings - pulling off a third place (I think). Whiffo was on follow car duty for C grade and said that - for a change - a break away stayed away for the win.

IJ had a very tough weekend of racing in very tough conditions. With rain, hills from hell, a loose back skewer and a fall in the last 2k's of one of the road races - it was an event of survival. Despite all this, the last tex from IJ was that he was keen to return to the event again next year!

The SEQ M1 riders (Karen, CQ Pedro & Woody) did an epic social ride from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. The guys covered over 260ks with almost 17hrs in the saddle and have the chaffed cheeks to prove it - just ask Woody.

The tandem twosome were last spotted heading south with the tandem strapped to roof for a couple of days of big k's touring around the Noosa region.

Phew, thank goodness the weekend is over.