Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Caught Out Ride

Someone turned the thermometer down last nite and forgot to tell me about it. I got caught out, being underdressed for the cold this morning. Yes, Tugmaster, I'm still whinging about the cold.

LG and Thunder were in pre-race mode preparing for this weekends Cunningham Classic and stopped pulling turns early in the piece. BSB tried to clean up Chris A in the coin slot kick, which added a bit of spice to the pack.

Brother Fergo was working hard over Haddock. Unfortunately Brother Fergo, that hill will never get any easier - no matter how much fitness comes back.

HandiCat gave the biggest false leadout before Cockatoo Dve in the history of the M1 rides before ducking down the shortcut alley. Just aswell you didn't hear the spray from the riders chasing HandiCat!!!

Sister Blogmisstress.