Monday, July 20, 2009

Club Time Trial Championship

The 09 Rocky Individual Time Trial was held on the weekend at Ridgelands Rd.

B grade rider, Sean Vacher from Boyne / Tannum, claimed ought right fastest time over the 25k out and back course. Sean showed up the 4 A grade riders to take the title of Club Champion. See Rocky web site for full results.

Sean not only posted the best time but he did it in great style at 40.5 k/hr average.

Observations on Sean’s ride ( from 2008 ex ITT Club Champion )

Get your license / club membership a few days before the event. Half season ONLY.
Try to have no prior knowledge of the course.
Don’t bother with the gels, shotz, caffine or sports drinks. Water will be fine.
Don’t bother sitting on a trainers or warming up too much.
Train in a baggy jersey and borrow a nice fitting one on race day. ( M1 Jersey of course )
You don’t need tubulars and aero carbon wheels and fancy helmets to win. ( But they may help )
Just bolt on aero bars ( must have ) and make NO other adjustments. ( review seat height and angle, if you must fiddle with something )
Sprint out of the start like there is no tomorrow and blowing up is just a crazy myth.
Come within 40 meters of catching the minute man in front of you. ( Also good if that man in front is one of the quicker guys )
Put in a performance good enough to win your own grade and the better the grade above.

After the ride…
If asked how you went, shrug your shoulders and say “ Or ..OK ”
Crack a cold stub for post ride recovery.

Regards, the Zulu.

P.S. I’ve taken notes and am throwing out my old routine.