Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Eskimo Ride

Officially, it was ABSOLUTELY freezing this morning. Whiffo was the official temperature guage on this mornings ride due to LG's Garmin having memory black outs - must have been the cold.

This mornings ride saw the return of a couple of ghosts. The Ghost of Thomas and The Ghost of Jordy. It must have been summer time the last time Jordy rode as he was still wearing summer kit. Finally for once, I think the Tugmaster admitted it was cold this morning. And could it be that it was just too cold for Popey this morning as he was missing from the bunch????
It was one for all and all for one as the M1 squadron headed out to the freezer. I think we all needed moral support for the cold that was awaiting us. As Whiffo counted down the degrees as we rode further out of town, we officially hit zero just before the base of Haddock.

I think this morning everyone was grateful to get to maccas for a walm brew. But who would be caught dead wearing socks like that????