Friday, July 24, 2009

The Hare and The Tortise Ride

Well its taken me this long to recover from the 1st lap of the Wednesday nite ride to be able to write a post about it.

It was a pretty decent turn out for the smashfest - I'm guessing everyone knew that Zulu still had the Flulu (again). I'm telling you Zulu, you need a feed. Welcome back to Chris A who has returned from the desert touring holiday.

Now, back to the smashing. Tugmaster pulled an absolute turn from hell up Redrover road to start the nite off. Ben 10 was next to take an impressive turn. And so it continued for the hitters.

The next time I saw Ben 10 he had used his alien watch and transformed into a hurling, vomiting monster on Kirkwood road. Too much hurt eh?

Be careful Bloomers, Haddock drive circuits become addictive after awhile. You'll end up turning into a hill climber with all those circuits you were doing. And LG, remember to charge your lights for Saturday - its still dark.