Monday, July 13, 2009

Laugh It Up

Ever heard of the saying "plumbers taps"?.... That would describe the maiden voyage for White Lightening. Deciding to take a trip around the block on Saturday afternoon, I had thoughts of it being a relatively easy, breezy event. Was I mistaken.

In short, it was a trip from hell. After the ride, the following was discovered:
1. We had 80 psi in both tyres. Personally, I'm a 120 kind of girl.
2. The front seat was too high causing the pilot to push a way too ENORMOUS gear for my little legs.
3. The computer was set up with the wrong tyre circumference which gave us false average speeds and distances. Just to add some mental torture to the event.

Having made some minor adjustments, White Lightening ventured out for a much more enjoyable and successful ride on Sunday. We're coming for you Blue Thunder.....