Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Ride - 11th July

Its always a good sight to watch the fighter pilots come into land at the start of the bunch ride. The more pilots coming into the land, the better the ride turns out to be. A majority of pilots must have been communicating before the ride as 95% of the squadron was in M1 kit.

Depsite a number of hitters being missing from the pack, the paceline was still a reasonable effort. You did well Scottie????

The bunch split pretty evenly at the Haddock / Kirkwood turn point. Its a good thing we girls have no balls. Thank goodness for Grazza's manpower and the Sally Shortcut's - what would I have done without you Grazza?

Ferg was on his new Cannondale beast this morning. All eyes will be on Ferg to see how fast he can get his fitness back. With the juice he was drinking at Maccas this morning - it shouldn't be long.

Greyhound, IJ and Fossil were also spotted doing some TT training around the block this morning. Too keen for me boys.