Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Ride - 14th July

Ahhhh. At last, some walmer weather. And true to form, the M1 fighter pilots turned out in force for a Tuesday smash. Some were earlier than others, and some - not mentioning any names - just made it on time.

The paceline was a testosterone full event. LG has been slack with his statistical report, but with the good conditions, the pace felt firm. Well, it felt firm to me, but maybe my legs were still recovering from the White Lightening adventures??? And, I really really really wish that someone at the Port would fix that road. It makes my butt wobble.

Fergs is still looking for his missing form and pulled a flattie along Kirkwood. That's what you get for being a Kirkwood Kat Fergs. Full credit has to go to Kermit... I mean Kelvin, for his efforts over the last few rides - venturing into the freezer and attempting Haddock on the Saturday and Tuesday ride is nothing to be sneezed at.