Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday Nite Ride - 1st July

The new financial year was welcomed in by riders of the M1 bunch with the usual Wednesday nite smash. Speculation before the ride revolved around the new beast that has been ordered by the King. Shall we just call it - White Lightening??

When you see a new rider to the bunch turn up for the Wednesday smash, you kind of wonder at the start where they will be in an hours time. To Gif's credit - he did well.

Ben 10 was once again in fine form for the bunches first trip up Haddock drive. Whiffo snuck out early and met the bunch at the top of the climb - smart move Whiff. I will remember Whiff that you are flying to Sydney this weekend. K1 and K2 took the Kirkwood short cut for the bunch lap two - we had our excuse!!

The bunch split on lap three with only LG and Thunder heading out into the freezer for the final lap.

Another great ride guys.