Friday, July 3, 2009

The Welcome Back Ride

Last nites ride saw the return of a couple of M1 riders who have been missing from the pack for a bit - Welcome back Scottie, Have-A-Chat and Fergs. Oh, nice Holden Green bike Fergs.

Fab had done some jersey shopping whilst away in Brisbane, but he must have forgotten to take his sunnies off when he bought his new Oakley jersey. I gave up trying to read Scotties new jersey. Its not looking good for me, A. I can't understand Scottie when he talks. B. I now can't read Scotties jerseys. I give up!

In the end - Fab and Fossil gained a decent break on the bunch coming into Spinniker. It would have been a great tussel for the kick at the finish.

Special mention has to go to Ekka for his Wednesday nite effort. On the first lap of Haddock, Ekka punctured and being the great bunch that we are - we kept scrambling to the top without him. Obvioulsy he made it back safe - he was on the ride last nite.