Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cunningham Results

It was certainly a very mixed bag of results for the four M1 riders who took on the Cunningham Classic on the weekend just gone. Conditions this year were unusually favourable for the riders with the wind being pretty much non existant - that would have been a welcomed change.

Masters A - Zulu rode well and came in with the main bunch to take a top 10 place. Thunder on the other hand had a lonesome 60k time trial, being spat by the bunch on the first major climb of the day. Needless to say, chocolate and sweet chilli chips are once again out of the diet!! Yeah right.

Masters B - What do I say here. LG certainly had good form going into the race, chased hard and rejoined the bunch after being ridden off the back on the climb, was 200m from the finish and looking good for the kick..... Unfortunately, LG was taken out in the final 200m by a careless action from another rider. LG is certainly worse for wear with some major skin missing and from what I hear, some pretty attractive brusies.

Elite B - Little is known about Greyhounds first open scratch race except he was rumored to be chasing every break that went off the front of the pack - definately Johann's signature. Greyhound also came in with the leading pack of his division and also claimed a top 10 placing.

In local racing, I believe Bloomers ONCE AGAIN placed 2nd in D grade. I forsee C grade awaiting you before the end of the season Bloomers!!!