Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Ekky Ride

If you think you're the only one doing ekky k's to get some form onboard to make the bunch rides easier, think again. This mornings bunch ride was a true revelation of the ekky trainers. Today there were M1 riders doing Blocks, Haddock and k's before the bunch ride and riders doing Haddocks and k's after the bunch ride - no wonder I'm exhausted just thinking about it!!!!

Welcome to Dominque - the young rider on the Trek flat bar. For your first bunch ride, you did well.

This mornings town bunch was a big one with probably the biggest bunch we've seen all winter. Come on Summer. The count down is on for the return of the Summer Saturday Smashes. Zulu was a bit disorientated on the Hanson Rd paceline and took a wrong turn at the roundabout. I agree Zulu - thank goodness you were on the right lane.

A decent bunch ventured out to Haddock for some extra hurt. Today I was trying to practice what I preach so well to new riders - just keep banging your head, eventually you get there and you get stronger along the way. Must try to bang a bit harder.

Tugmaster slept in - with no excuse - and rolled to maccas to join the crew for a brew. Jokes were on HaveAChat and her lack of breathing ability when calling a squeaky 'in' during paceline!!

Grazza - I'M STILL WAITING FOR YOUR RIDER PROFILE!!!!! Just reminding you. Apologies to John - he is a train driver, not a teacher. Perhaps the nickname Puffing Billy is more than apporpriate???