Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Last Mocha Ride

There are two things I remember from this mornings ride. The first was the paceline along Hanson Road - In, In, In, In, In, break for the Tandem, In, In, In, In, break for the Tandem. It was a big bunch, which meant lots of In calls from the back and a few swerves from those pulling turns - Kermmie, hold your line!

Not only was it a big bunch, but it was a record pace aswell. 41.33k/hr for the total 13k paceline. If that wasn't impressive enough, from Stickmakers to Spinniker park, the average was 44.99k/hr - just aswell Chris A was holding everyone back!! As you suspected Zulu, there was definately a surge in the pace!

The bunch pulled up for a photo shoot at the top of Redrover Road & Dawson Highway. Thunder must have wanted to get a picture of Scotties "Andy" legs before he leaves for Melbourne.

The second thing that is vividly in my mind from this morning was walking out to the table at Maccas with my Mocha. What was so memorable about that??? Nothing. But being told by HandiCat that a Mocha has approx 400 calories sure burst my bubble!!

Ahhh, the last Mocha ride. It sure was a sweet one.