Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Rays Of The Winter Sun Ride

The 7 riders arriving at the bottom of Haddock in the twilight, got a big reminder the days are getting longer now and very quickly.

Newer riders Brad and Kelvin looked toasty, still in their winter attire.

The temp last night was perfect. My arm warmers stayed in my jersey pocket and will be left in the draw next week. Fab and Fergo rode like nothing fazed them, which is normal for those guys. Wiffo also letting his riding do the talking, showing that dedication is when you incorporate a Wednesday hit out into your ride home from work.

Regular Chris keeps racking up cred as a with yet another Wednesday nite showing.

Lord and Lady Garmin seen @ Kirkwood intersection on our 2nd lap…must be keeping in the family ? How many laps did they do ? I wonder.

LG's bingle at Cunningham seems to have only made him hungrier.

Lastly 3 tips for any aspiring Wed nite hitters: ( Brad is getting this down pat and is doing well )
1. Don't go to the front.

2. If you end up on the front, don't stay there.

See you round the ridges,