Monday, August 24, 2009

Late Edition (again) - Saturday Ride

Wow! What a ride! I led from the start at Fordys, was first to the top of Auckland Hill, then absolutely smashed the Paceline. I don’t even recall anyone passing me throughout the entire circuit. Hammering down the Dawson Highway it was me first to Haddock, then me again first to the top on BOTH laps! Nobody passed me the entire ride. What a feeling! I even won the Macca sprint, rolling into the carpark victorious I gave a little Wiggles finger salute, feeling on top of the world. Just unbeatable…

But then, like awaking from a bad nightmare in a cold sweat, a sea of green slowly came into focus as I stood my Madone in the rack. What are all those voices? Then slowly the realisation hit me, the pack was already enjoying their double-whipped skinny mocha lattes.

I had in fact been half an hour early and, wondering where all the riders were, completed the entire circuit on my own! But still, you have to take these victories as they come, no matter how shallow. For it may be a long time before I reach the top of Haddock awaiting my fellow riders. J