Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Only Days Away

As the heading suggests, something big - well, in my world anyway - is coming. The full range of 2010 Trek bikes is due to be launched to the public tomorrow (according to Kerry Trek Rep). Already, there are snippets about the 2010 Madones available.

For those interested, the 2010 Trek 6 Series Madones are 150grms lighter and 10% stiffer in the bottom bracket. Great techno info, but not really high on my priority list. Higher on my list however is the goss that ALL 6 Series Madones have CUSTOM paint jobs - thats right. YOU choose your colour and decals' - no more stock standard colours. Delivery times have been set at 3 weeks from the day your order is placed with Trek. Excited? You can bet I am!!!
Thunder - take note of the custom paint job...... The Project One website has already been updated for the 2010 madone. Definately worth a look.