Monday, August 17, 2009

Rider Profile - Graham Seabrook

1. What bike do you ride?
2008 TREK 1.7 for roadie rides. 2006 TREK 4300 for work transport and family rides.
2. What would be your dream bike?
Any carbon bike that is self cleaning.
3. What's your day job?
Police Prosecutor - generally prosecuting the baddies that LG and Havachat lock up.
4. What's your favourite ride?
Anytime the family go for a ride together for fun. Generally to a park or out to Spinnaker for a coffee.
5. Most memorable biking experience?
Riding through Rocheport Tunnel and over the Katy Trails alongside the Missouri River in USA with my sister in 2005. Huge cliffs on one side and river on the other. Absolutely spectacular.
6. Least memorable biking experience?
Riding my mates brand new dragster very fast down a hill until I got the death wobbles and went over the handle bars when I was 12yrs old. Ouch.
7. Bike rider you admire the most?
I don’t have favourites. I just admire anyone who consistently gets out there and has a go and enjoys themselves.