Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Show Day Riding

Well, well. The M1 tandems had their first show down on the road today with a trip around the block. Team White Lightening ventured out early to gain some extra k's before hooking up with Team Blue Thunder.

Meeting up at Yarwun, team Blue Thunder were in the lead with an average of 38k/hr. Team White Lightening had an average of 35k/hr - but this included the Targinnie stretch. I will mention that team Blue Thunder avoided this leg. Result One = Team Blue Thunder.

The next match up was on the River Ranch hills, Calliope hills and Haddock drive. With team White Lightenings trendy side mirror, I was able to watch team Blue Thunder go out the back door - rapidly. Result Two = Team White Lightening.

The competition continues.

The tandem travellers ran into HandiCat, Tugmaster and Woody who had ventured out for a stroll around the block also. It appears that whilst the LG mouse is away, the HandiCat forgets the hill instructions!!