Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday Ride - 27th August

The bunch was alive last night with the sound of trash talk. Before the ride started, the sprinters and wannabee sprinters of the pack were debating gear changes for the 150m ramp sprint. Personally, if you're running SRAM Red you don't need to consider gear changes - you can just lock and load.

Even after rolling out, the trash didn't stop. Sprinters and wannabees were mock sprinting off the front of the pack around the front of the water front. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but if it were anyone less than the King "mocking" around, they would have copped a serve?????

Young Dominic had a bit of one-on-one coaching from Thunder along the way. Good to see you hang in all the way Dom. Dom and Pyney even managed to attack off the front of the pack on the first lap... oh, that's right, the rest of us were stopped by traffic!!!

Scottie was in his usual Scottish form.... I did manage to interpret "last ride, 2nd lap, beer".. I'm sure Scottie will know what I mean.