Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Ride - 18th August

All I can say is, Lord Garmin is BACK!
A good bunch turned out this morning expecting a more sedate paceline, due to the recovering LG joining us just before takeoff. As we cruised around Auckland Pt the following quote was heard:
“Just take it easy Honey!”
And then as the paceline got under way Cat turned to the pack and said “Keep it to 35!”. Well, obviously nobody listened to her, least of all her hubby, because we averaged a solid 39.88 for the paceline, with the Spinnaker sprint being toughly contested by Greyhound, LG, Whiffo et al. Naturally I was too far back to pick the winner…but great to see LG back on the road.
Almost all turned right to Haddock with a few *ahem* hard working types opting for the Kirkwood/Cockatoo circuit.
Also, its time to welcome a new rider Andrew to the pack - on his carbon GT. And I think he’ll be a stayer as he was on the pace for the entire ride straight up! Well done.