Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Ride - 4th August

Ok, ok. So the Blogmistress has been a little slack with the posting over the last week. Sorry guys - back on deck now.

Stu the Barber - who everyone seems to know - was welcomed to the Tuesday bunch with 3 lectures about calling ''in'' on the paceline. That was before the ride even started. I'm sure he got the hint about paceline ettique.

I'm pleased to say that the mice have now left home as the bitumen has been smoothed on the way out to Spinniker park. That has turned into one fast piece of road. I think when LG is back on board we'll see some pretty quick averages.

The bunch was pretty soft at the Dawson highway split with only Brother Fergo, Bloomers and Thunder venturing out to Haddock.

And yes Zulu, I did think that a 45 minute run was going counteract the vodka sodas I consumed the nite before. Positive + negative = sore legs on Tuesday morning.