Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday Warriors

True to it's reputation, the Wednesday nite is a defining ride. Always a story to be told.
Adds ons dropped in all over the place, Jamie, Wiffo, Chris appearing out of the dark.

Ben 10, Fab , and Fergs were in charge of keeping the pace high. Too high for many, but you don't get hard by riding soft. Trying hard were 1 lap wonders: Ben 10's Dad, Brad, Mr & Mrs Zulu and a sick King of M1.

Rubble on Kirkwood claimed Fabio after the first lap.. After crashing at speed he was still composed enough to set about repairing a 12mm cut in the sidewall of his rear tyre.
No one seemed to have any folding money to lay over the slice. ( I had a $50 but was not letting go of it.)
Wiffo came good with a $5 note , allowing big Chris to get home. Having a nurse as co-pilot, and more spares, we did the slow roll with Fab to help him make it home.

The diehards sped off into the night for the 2nd lap.