Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Big A Ride

The threat of rain in the sky didn't stop the numbers from turning up for this mornings smash. And yes, it was yet another smash, so much so that Thomas struggled to catch the back of the pack. Perhaps more coal is needed Thomas????

With a noticable headwind, the paceline was a little bit tougher - no, make that a fair bit tougher - than the last couple of weeks. At the stickmakers roundabout on the first lap, the bunch nearly disintegrated when there was a surge by a few of the big guns up front.

For a relatively new rider in the bunch, Andrew (GT) is sure making his mark on the Tuesday pacelines - definately one to keep on eye in future months. Also going well is the Bunch Barber - Stu. Unfortunately today with the wind conditions, the going was a bit tough for the Bunch Barber!! Keep your eyes on this one aswell. The addiction bug is beginning to bite.

Thanx for noticing my muscley legs Handicat!!