Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Count Ride

Lap One Ah Ah Ahhhh..... That wasn't so bad. HandiCat and I were on a solo mission heading out early to avoid capture from the smashfest that left half an hour behind us. A little on the blustery side, but it is now spring.

Lap Two Ah Ah Ah Ahhhhh...... Where did all that wind come from??? Any why must we only have a tailwind up Cockatoo Drive, where we need it least??? Still no sign of the boys. HandiCat headed home - still recovering from yesterdays run.

Lap Three Ah Ah Ah Ah Ahhhh.... yep, over it now. Not much fun on your own. Caught up with Dr Ben, Thunder and LG on Kirkwood - the remains of the bunch after the explosion on lap one - courtesy of Thunder. That was of course after the monster turn LG pulled on RedRover....

Oh, and I never knew that "Count" was actually "Count Von Count". Thanx Wikipedia.