Saturday, September 12, 2009

The First Ride

As anticipated, the first of the summer rides drew one of the biggest bunches for the season so far - 25 in total. An excellant start to the ride.

One rider who didn't have such an excellant start was Andrew (Bush Slasher). Clipping in both feet at the start of the ride, but not rolling more than a metre, Bush Slasher promptly fell sideways onto to the bitumen. You're now a roadie Bush Slasher!

At the split, many riders were taking advantage of the more relaxed pace and took on the hitters challenge. Zulu was sporting a new Midrift jersey for the first summer ride. Still not 100% sure on that look Zulu. Thomas was sporting a jersey that had something to do with cleaning - shame you're backside and bike didn't fit the kit Thomas!! But then again, no one else was clean after the mud bath either!

For the hitters, the distance of 87ks was completed at an average speed of 32.87k/hr. I'm sure we'll see some records broken as the summer rolls on. Thanx LG.

Don't forget Johann - you owe me a rider profile now. I did get some wind on my chest.