Friday, September 18, 2009

The Honka Hooter Ride

At 5:25pm it wasn't looking good - in fact it was looking pretty darn lonesome for the Thursday nite Thrash. With just minutes to spare another 4 riders turned up to complete the bunch. Phew.

One of the bunches youngest riders was busted inhaling caffeniated carbo shots just moments before the ride left the shop. I'm guessing Dominic must have been getting confused between the Saturday Smash and the Thursday Thrash!!

Sharksey finally managed to stop cooking and get out of the kitchen for the ride, whilst Scottie was impressed with everyone's REALLY tanned legs!! Good thing you eventually took those attractive glasses off Scottie!

A MIR report (Missing In Riding) has been filed for Thursday day nite regulars - Popey and Pyney - who failed to check in for last nites roll.