Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Mad Hatter Ride

Firstly, congratulations to the Eels and the Saints who cleaned up last nite. Congratulations also to Joan who placed 6th at last weeks World Triathalon Championships! I never knew you were such a footy fanatic Joan!!

At the Yarwun split, it was a little one sided, with only 3 turning left for the Bunters ride. This week saw Mecha take on his first Hitters ride - and he did very well indeed, despite the flat along the Targinnie Road.

The Triple P committee had their first meeting at the bottom of River Ranch Hills. Enjoying a picnic of carbo shots and snakes, Maree came out with the quote of the ride - "What's taking them so long!!!". Oh gee Maree, I don't know!!!!

Bush Slasher and Greyhound were last seen heading off into the distance along Kirkwood Road for another Haddock lap. Personally, Maccas was a much better option.

Don't worry Zulu, we were all talking about you after you left Maccas. And we'll probably be doing some more talking tonite!