Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ride of the Diminishing Bunch

The bunch may have had royalty in Lord and Lady Garmin, but there was no King. His eminence abdicated for the evening to rest and get well.

In typical leaderless fashion, a debate broke out on what to do where to go etc, before we even left the shop. Matt's near flawless attendance and leadership deserves a lot of credit.

After agreeing to stick with the usual Haddock laps, 7 riders set out. The ride quickly began to resemble the Maryborough masters road race. The legendary Maryborough road race breaks up bunches faster than the riot police.

So it was to be.

Kelvin disappeared somewhere on Red Rover. Nobody really knows where.

Jake made several early efforts to go out the back door but was not allowed to leave.

Ben 10 peeled off toward Glenlyon after one lap.

Jake also bid us goodnight on Kirkwood after 1 lap.

Bush Slasher pulled a flattie at the foot of Haddock. Everyone feeling smashed almost welcomes the chance to rest up on Wednesdays.

Lord and Lady G left after 2 laps talking of plans for a Thursday morning roll.

Bush Slasher and yours truly headed for the touch football grounds. Andrew was backing up the ride with a 7.45pm touch game.

After 65 klm, The Zulu's idea of backing up is straight home for some protein, some stretching, some showering and a good feed.