Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rider Profile - Ben Edwards (Part 2)

It would seem the brevity of the comments in my last profile were to the dismay of almighty Fergo.So......

I'm a gemini and hail from the Sunshine Coast. Gladstone riding comes second only to the almighty coast roads of Mooloolaba and Noosa .

I love the water and spend as much time on it as possible (not enough now that qhealth has bough my soul). I have a wakeboard, 4 surfboards from 6'1" to 9'1", a surf ski (one of the almighty long ironman ones) and I used to kite surf until I tore a rotator cuff.

I have sky-dived, out of a helicopter of all things... truly awesome.

My music taste is broad... Coldplay, Presets, Angus & Julia Stone, Smashing Pumpkins........ best festival attended was Splendour in the Grass in 2006.

Here's one you'd never guess, I've played clarinet and tenor saxophone for most of my life and still manage to drag them out from time to time for a bit of R&R.

I was meant to race with ozbikedirect this year but crashed early in the season and was off the bike for 2 months!!!!! My mates still give me grief about being a fat bastard!

Football I love, I've played all 3 codes and did so until I was 16. I broke my arm 3 times over 2 years and was told I should take up something less contact... enter long distance running. Now I hate running, it hurts too much and you never get very far and going downhill is almost worse than going up.
Being with my bikes is my favourite hobby and I love feeling fit and dishing out some pain. My girlfriend, Sof (who is stunningly beautiful) thinks I have an unhealthy obsession with my cervelo's (can't imagine why).

I don't mind a bit of climbing rocks as well.
I find myself in gladstone doing some locum work at the emergency department and have had a ball riding with you guys and girls. I go home for a couple of weeks next Friday but will return for 3 more weeks of cycling & work. I'm bringing the race bike next time so be warned!!!!