Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rider Profile - Chris Hughes

1. What bike do you ride?
trek 1.7
2. What would be your dream bike?
probably a trek madone 6.9, painted the same as one of lance armstrongs rides, the yellow one with the black crazy lines on it is pretty ok. you
know the one.
3. Whats your day job?
carpenter, working for IM Builders
4. Whats your favourite ride?
i dont know why but i like the haddock hills circut for some stupid reason, where theres no sense theres no feeling i guess?
5. Most memorable riding experience?
id have to say winning my first (and only) race at the caves in the rocky open the other weekend was pretty good, got it in the sprint
6. Least memorable riding experience?
crashing. ive only done it the once on my road bike but when i was younger i was for ever comeing off my bike trying to do dirt jumps, i was a crap dirt jumper, bein a roadie is alot easier on the knees!
7. Bike rider you admire the most?
i like most of the aussies in the pro peleton, but probably Stewart O'Grady gets the nod,the selfless way rides for his team busting his arse on the front of the pack for one of his team mates to hopfuly get the win is something to admire. im also a Fabian Cancellara fan, hes a
good rider but i mainly like him because i think his name sounds cool