Monday, September 7, 2009

Rocky Open Results

Wow Wow Wow!!! - What a weekend of results for M1 riders at the Rocky Open. Even though the numbers were down for this years Open event, all M1 riders placed well over the three events.

Saturday Road Race - In the top grade IJ placed 3rd in a field with some big guns. In B grade, it was M1 riders one, two and three. Fabio won the kick, LG came home in second and Sean Vacher came home in third place. In D grade Tugmaster claimed second place, but missed the win by just a wheel.

Sunday Hill Climb - The boys were up nice and early to contest the 5km individual time trial up Mt Archer. There were some fast times from the Gladstone riders, with IJ leading the way with a time of 22 mins. This was enough to gain him another 3rd place. Zulu had next fastest time of 22 mins 25. Sean Vacher - I think he'll now be known as Dark Horse, also rode a 22 minute time.

Sunday Road Race - In tougher fields and after 2 races, IJ snagged another 3rd place in A grade. Zulu took 2nd place in next grade, closey followed ONCE AGAIN by Dark Horse in 3rd place. Jake wrapped up his weekend campaign with a well earned victory in D grade.

Well done to all those who raced the Rocky Open. This weekend is the final race for the Rocky Club season and is the Club Championships.