Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Ride - 5th September

Despite the Rocky Open being on this weekend, there was still a decent turn out for the last townie of the year. This week saw the addition of two more tri-boys from Tannum - introduced by Mark.

The paceline was another fast affair, but by the time the bunch had turned at Stickmakers roundabout, there were only 4 still pulling turns - Andrew, Johann, Frank and Chris A. Oh, congratulations to Chris A who finally achieved a podium finish for the Spinniker park kick - he made sure the Blogmistress knew about it!! Well done Chris.

It was noticed that Zulu had his Maryborough Masters overall winners jersey on this morning. Could it be that the psychological tactics are starting to come into play a month before the actual race?

Thunder just wants to be a Wallabie.