Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Spring Ride

Ahh, the first day of spring. If it wasn't for the magpies, it would be perfect. Although, I would have to say that the conditions this morning were pretty darn close to perfect. Righto, enough of the weather ramblings, on with the riding ramblings.

A BIG crew of 18 riders - sorry if I can't count and missed someone! This made for another very very fast paceline session. By the end - after Chris A stopped holding the bunch up - there were only a handful of riders still pulling turns - Dr Ben, Thunder, Fergo, Fabbio and Greyhound - I think that was it. No LG = No average speed - sorry techo freaks.

On his first Tuesday ride, Dr Ben was also lucky enough to puncture on the trip out to Haddock - lucky it was a back tyre and not the front!

Coming into the maccas kick with what was left of the bunch, Fergo got in some impromptu motor pacing behind an unsuspecting, and ungrateful scooter rider!!