Friday, September 4, 2009

The Squeaky Ride

There was a Thursday nite rider missing from the bunch last nite. Always one of the first to arrive at the back of the shop and always one to enjoy the Thursday nite antics in the bunch. Pyney, where were you???

Have-A-Chat was in a serious mood, backing up after the Thursday morning ride to do the nite ride aswell. The serious look was a result of her two punctures in 5ks from the morning ride. In true roadie fashion, Have-A-Chat went straight to maccas after the second flat. You go girl!!

I will add that Have-A-Chat led out the boys for the kick. Depsite going early into the headwind, Have-A-chat was unable to hold off the chasing boys which included Tugmaster, Dr Ben, Scottie and most of the remaining bunch.

It was also apparent that LG was having a thoroughly good time in the bunch last nite... I think he may become a regular!!!

Oh and if anyone can give me the name of a good mechanic, I have acquired a mouse in my back wheel.