Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Ride - 15th September

At 4:58am this morning, it was looking like the numbers were going to be a little down this week. Then out of the dark, arriving just in time, HandiCat does her best impersoniation of Bush Slasher and laid it down in grand fashion in front of the entire bunch!

Not to be out done on the fashion stakes was "The Hulk", in brand new Lampre kit. I think the pink really shows your softer side Hulk!! Who's the identity of the Hulk I hear you say?? All will be revealed in tomorrows blog post - stay tuned.

With a few of the big hitters missing from paceline, the average speed was slightly off - 39.05k/hr. Still not too shabby though.

The latest edition to the M1 bunch - Greyhounds girlfriend - Amanda, was spotted through Spinniker Park. Keep your eyes open during the coming months for this one. Oh, and nice bike to Amanda!!