Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well well well... I couldn't believe my eyes while at the shops the other day. There they were! "SPACE FOOD STICKS".

I remember back in the early 90's whilst living in Mt Isa, I would head over to Townsville every third weekend. I would depend on Space Food Sticks to get me home. They were my cofidon, my best friend, my main source of energy. After everything we went through together, there was only one set back to these sensational snacks, you had to wash em' down with plenty of water. So now i'm going back to basics with energy food. Powerbars are out. Space Food Sticks are in..

From now on, the new Tuesday morning trend is to climb to the top of haddock. NOT the top where we all rest and recover, no no no, the road to the right, just before the pit stop that will lead you to another 1.2km of absolute hell and torture. This will give you a total climb of 3km. Is this what the doctor ordered after the tuesday morning smash? Or is it an unstoppable addiction, of which you want no one to know about?
Rest is for the weak...

Rumour has it that haddock drive is not a good training circuit for cyclists as there are parts of the climb that are too steep to do you any real cyclist any good. I climb like a house brick and lord garmin climbs like a roof tile, haddock drive is going to become our saviour, hale to haddock drive!