Saturday, February 13, 2010

Road Rules For Cyclists

This is an excerpt from the Qld Gov web page “Road rules for cyclists”
Keeping left and overtaking (s129, s131, s151, s141)

You must:
ride as near as is safely possible to the far left side of the road — on a multi-lane road or a road with two or more lines of traffic travelling in the same direction as you, you can occupy a lane and travel in the right hand lane when necessary (for example, to make a right turn)
ride to the left of any oncoming vehicle
not overtake another vehicle on the left if that vehicle is turning left and giving a left change of direction signal
not ride more than two abreast unless overtaking
ride within 1.5 m of the other rider if riding two abreast.

What this means is; when we heading out to Yarwun ( not a multi lane road ) if you are on the inside, when you look past your bars you should see the white line under or inside your left brake hood.
This means you will be about 30cm from the white line. The rider beside you will be WITHIN 1.5 m of you meaning he will probably be still comfortably left of the centre of the lane.

The least we can do is obey the rules. What do you think goes through the motorists heads, they are doing 100 kph, closing at 70kph and seeing riders closer to the centre line than the left line. They also see the shoulder almost 2meters wide …unoccupied. ? ? ?

Ride to set a good example